Get Ready For Marriage offers you and your partner a unique and confidential pre-marriage service — a safe environment where you can talk about the details of your relationship.

Prepare/EnrichThe Prepare Program is recognised around the world and is designed to give both of you skills for developing a successful marriage.   Prepare is offered to you exclusively as a couple, i.e. you and your partner attend alone, with your personal facilitator.  The online questionnaire, completed after the first session, is designed to assist you in identifying your particular areas of growth as well as your strengths.  Our specialised professionals we'll coach you and your partner in ways to improve your communication and conflict management skills as well as enhance your understanding of what a committed relationship involves.

Prepare is suitable for couples who are required to complete a pre-marriage course by the church in which they are marrying (either in Australia or overseas).

CouplePrepare has been widely used in Australia for over thirty years by thousands of couples.  It helps us provide you with a program tailor-made to your own unique relationship and is based on extensive research on successful marriages.  A Couple Report will be given to you along with a Workbook.

Whether you are living together, have been married before or have children, we have a program suited to your specific relationship.

The programs are based on each partner's responses to a highly developed and well-researched inventory of questions.  The results produce a specific profile of your particular relationship.

The questionnaire covers the most important and relevant aspects of a couple relationship and is designed to give each of you a deeper understanding of yourself, your partner and the dynamics of your relationship.